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Working on product with multiple stakeholders.
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Hightail.com - In the footer its says: “P.S. You look great today.”

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Gradual Engagement: A Growth Hacking Tool At Your Disposal


Gradual engagement is a process, not just a sequential combination of screens.

The old model consists of two parts A and B that you need to master in order to reap the biggest reward and outcome. An important aspect is to create a smooth and consistent path from start to finish.

It generally starts with user acquisition through various marketing endeavors like landing pages and campaigns. The marketing department has to come up with consistent ways to entice the visitor to sign up while starting to educate her on how the service shall be used. The remaining part then is called “On-Boarding” in which you basically hold a users’ hand while showing and explaining her the service in further detail to get her up to speed (so that she does not churn). In the worst case the user starts to get the most utility at the far end of your on-boarding journey although she had to sign up and provide a bunch of data a long while ago. 

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When I do the “Is Social Media Bullshit?” presentation, I’m always making suggestions as to what books people should read.

This isn’t the full list I have, but it’s the books you should read when it comes to viral marketing / word of mouth marketing / “growth hacking”.

If you read these books,…

Great collection of books for growth hackers

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Misconceptions. There are a ton of them when it comes to growth hacking. Is it really something useful? Or just a phrase. Even if you like the term or not: The process and the concept is extremely valuable to any business.  I explored the topic a bit if you like to learn  - just read on about the 4 common misconceptions about growth hacking

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“Good designers and good developers actually have a lot in common.”

— Austin Bales

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It is interesting to see, that entrepreneurs and senior management often struggle to focus on what really matters. But why? A common objection is that the world is more complex. This is definitely true. The point is that we need there are huge misunderstandings, what this concepts like a “One-Page Business Model” or “One Metric That Matter” really mean. It hurts to accept, that you just can move the needle on one metric - but you still have to have an eye on the others two. Focussing on one metric is not forever, it just gives you the chance to improve one single thing. It also forces you to prioritize your efforts, which is a painful but very valuable exercise. If you’re interested in learning more about data-driven product development have a look at my blog post about ruthless priorization